Terms and Conditions

Overview of this Service

Hire Purchase Information Limited (HPI) retains, on its database, information relating to the outstanding finance on assets including motor vehicles. This information is provided to HPI by its members and is recorded "as-provided" without change.

Terms and Conditions

A. Requesting a Vehicle Finance Report

B. Processing a Vehicle Finance Report Request

  • 1. Following online submission of your Vehicle Finance Report request, a response via e-mail will be sent to you immediately. The e-mail you receive will confirm the HPI status of the vehicle along with a PDF attachment outlining same. However, if further checks are required by HPI First then you will receive an initial e-mail confirming successful application with a unique reference number. Once HPI First has completed any additional checks then you will receive your Vehicle Finance Report or History & Finance Report via e-mail as a PDF attachment. Additional checking takes place during business hours (09:15 to 17:15 Monday to Friday).

C. Queries regarding a Vehicle Finance Report or History & Finance Report