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Did You Know?

If you purchase a car that has an outstanding finance or hire purchase agreement, the company financing it remains as the owner
Outstanding finance or repayments could result in the real owner (e.g. finance company) taking the car from you. You would lose both it and the money you paid for it!
HPI First - Ireland's source for vehicle finance and hire purchase agreement information since 1948.

Why HPI First?

What Our Reports Can Tell You

Our Company
HPI First has stored and maintained Ireland's vehicle finance and hire purchase agreements since 1948.

Our customers include banks and finance companies, vehicle dealerships, consumers and more.
Our Reports
At HPI First, we have two types of reports available that will tell you everything you need to know about a vehicle in the Republic of Ireland:

Our Vehicle Finance Report
our History & Finance Report
Our Prices
Our prices are extremely competitive at just €9.99 for our Vehicle Finance Report and €14.99 for a complete History & Finance report.